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Hi, I’m Janet!

Allow me to properly introduce myself. I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised in New York City. Before starting fitness, I was on a healing quest, fighting through mental battles, and a 4 year long depression. It was then that I decided to take a step into becoming the best version of myself and ultimately exploring a path to healing and a new found passion, fitness. This is my story and through mine, I hope I can help people understand that there is a way out, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve helped hundreds of women feel comfortable in the gym and also in the comfort of their own homes.


Jumpstart Your Health

Over the past 3+ years since I began training with Janet my body has vastly changed. When I started I couldn’t do a push-up, plank or step-ups, now they are part of my regular workouts. I have gained strength and my body recomposition still amazes me! I’ve learned to remain consistent, eat vs. starve, pay attention to my hormones, balance life, laugh at myself, only compare me with me, don’t cheat me, listen to my body, & hydrate, hydrate, hydrate thanks to Janet’s training & guidance. 


She’s not only helped with my fitness goals she’s helped with my life goals, balance, grace and loving me!!


My body thanks you & so do I "

"I found Janet scrolling for weight loss solutions on IG. I had been losing weight on my own after gaining 70lbs in each of my pregnancies. However, I still has 20lbs to lose and stuck. I was stuck, bored of my workout regimen and really bored of eating about 1000-1200 calories. I reached Janet to help! She helped me learn that consuming that lil amount of calories and not lifting was actually working against me. She set me up w a program that would switch up every couple months to keep me in focus. She also set me up with macros which Ill be honest I still struggle with keeping to but it definitely helps me to know I can make my own meals and now know which foods help with macros. She also help prioritize myself..I now make it a priority to workout in the morning (been doing this for last 2 yrs). I continue w Janet for that extra push and because I have lost so many inches and my body looks completely different even before pregnancy. "


Working with Janet has been the absolute best. From being able to answer all my (sometimes annoying) questions. The lessons. And her being very attentive to the detail and being on my ass when i needed it. Honestly truly trust the process as hard as it was in the beginning but if you just do what she has planned out for you and ACTUALLY eat your macros. You’ll definitely see the results! I’ve done her BB programs but doing a more personal program with her doing the check ins and adjusting and setting my macros i was able to see some real freaking results and now those habits are sticking with me to apply as i continue my fitness journey. If you’re thinking of working with her, don’t think just do it and as long as you do your part you won’t be disappointed!! Until now I’m still doing her BB program 4.0 with what i have learned from her on the more personal side i feel she has set me up to create better habits that are actually going to stick in the long run. So thank you Janet! 

Janet has entirely changed how I view health and wellness, and I’ve never been happier. Before working together, I had worked out for about 6-7 years but didn’t have the proper education to match my training. Since we began working together, I’ve had a complete body composition; I’ve been able to stick to a training ritual that’s helped me better understand what’s happening across every phase of our training and, more importantly, it’s made me prioritize myself as someone who has a busy day to day. Janet has completely changed my life for the better and her honesty, integrity, and commitment is unmatched. 




3 years ago during the pandemic I decided to get off my couch and join a live IG workout with @j_sthetics. That was the day my flame was ignited. I showed up week after week listening, learning and craving the next workout. Janet’s approach to health and fitness is a sustainable one. Janet keeps it real!  I have never felt so strong and healthy, both physically and mentally. Janet is knowledgeable in her field and her approach to fitness is an individual one to help you reach your goal. No cookie cutter fitness plans here! 

Janet shows a genuine and sincere investment in her clients. I am so grateful our paths crossed. 

I can honestly say working with Janet enabled me to build a solid foundation of knowledge to be successful on my fitness journey. 

I love the skin I’m in thanks to you J

S. Bailey/61 years young

Allison G.

Bibi N

Kati F.

Lara C.

Client Transformations


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