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6 Week Shred Challenge


6 week challenge begins on Monday, May 1st and get a chance to win a $500 cash prize!!


I created this program for women that want to jumpstart or continue their fitness journey but need one on one guidance.  This program is designed to burn fat, build muscle and challenge you.


You wil be getting my online coaching and then some at a discount!


For home Workouts You will need dumbbells & bands


What the challenge includes:

  • All participants will receive access to my coaching app where there will be video demonstrations for each workout - workouts are 4 days/week (a 5th day can be added if you'd like)

  • Cardio options 

  • 1 biweekly live workout with me via zoom

  • Live Intro to the challenge & nutrition 101 class via zoom

  • Access to the video library where there will live videos will be stored

  • Nuritonal guidance - you will be receiving your custom macros  & meal plan options  based on your calorie needs

  • Weekly check ins via my coaching app - for uploading your pictures and weight in order to track progression.  (I'm the only one with access to this, it will not be shared unless I have permission)

  • Facebook accountability group where you can speak to other members of the challenge and share your experience



Program Details:

This progam is designed to maximize your muscle gain & drop body fat.  You have a choice of home or gym option.  All workouts have video demonstrations located on the coaching app.


For home workouts, you need dummbells, long and short bands

Workout Breakdown: 

Strength Training workouts 4 days a week (You can add another workout day if you'd like)

Bi-weekly Live 25 minute AB & Cario workout (zoom link will be shared and video will be recorded)

How to Enter:

  • Choose gym or home option - 

  • You will receive a link invitation to my coaching app upon purchase

  • Fill out questionnaire on the app once received & post your pictures & weight (in proper lighting, make sure to take the whole body: front, back and side)

  • When filling out the questionnaire, include your training experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  • A zoom link for the intro to the challenge & intro to nutrition will be sent out.  The Meeting will take place the evening of Monday May 1st and will be recorded for those unable to attend.

How to Win

  • There will be a $500 cash prize to one lucky winner.

  • The winner will be chosen based on participation & transformation

This program is guaranteed to work, but only if you do!  If you're ready, let's get this work in!!

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