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4 Week Building the Hourglass Challenge 


Welcome to the 4 Week Building the hourglass challenge!!

The 4 week challenge will begin on Monday, October 24th and will end on November 21st, just in time for Thanksgiving!!


Register before Monday 10/24


If you’re looking to tone your body, your growing season is where all the magic happens.  Use your fall and winter months to your advantage.  Instead of slacking on your fitness goals, use this time to build that body.


My goal with this challenge is to help you head into the fall and winter months feeling strong and confident in your body.  I will help you build consistency with a routine that is realistic, challenging, and maintainable. We will focus on building lean muscle, burning body fat, and build that hourglass physique. 

Challenge Details:

The 4-week program is based on 5 days a week and can be done in the gym or in the comfort of your own home.  We will have 2 legs & glute building days, 2 upper body days.  On the 5th day,  we will have 1 cardio and abs workout that will be between 20 -30 minutes which will be a whole follow along work out with me.


It will include a stretch and mobility, recipe’s and weekly challenge cardio options to add to your workouts.  


For the home challenge you will need: dumbbells, long band, loop band and a chair. 


I encourage you to join our Facebook page to receive support, encouragement, and motivation.  I will also be engaging with you on the app with weekly in-app stories and Q&As! The link to the Facebook group will be linked in my Training App.


Once you're signed up, you will have access to guides in the “START HERE” tab if you need help choosing the program that works best for your goals!

How to win:

I will be choosing a winner based on transformation of any kind (muscle gain, fat loss, postural changes, etc..) as well as consistency and engagement throughout the challenge.


Submit progress photos to be eligible for the grand finale prize: UPLOAD IT TO THE TRAINING APP AND ALSO DM ME A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE THROUGH THE TRAINING APP

You will only be eligible to win any of the prizes if you submit your photos

*your pictures are only for me to see them, they will not be uploaded on any social media platform without your permission

1st Prize Winner: $350 CASH PRIZE

2nd Prize Winner: 4 Week Online Coaching with me 

3rd Prize Winner: 1 Year Subscription to my training app

How to Enter:

  1. Submit before & after photos

To be eligible for the grand prize, make sure to submit a "Before" photo by 11:59 pm EST on Mon October 24th with a sign that says "Building the hourglass challenge— Before" and submit an "After" photo by 2pm EST on Saturday, November 20th with a sign that says "Building the hourglass challenge — After" 

*Submit photos to subject: "Hourglass challenge before photos" and also dm me the copy through the training app.

2. Download my app

To be eligible for the grand prize, download my app to access the “Building the hourglass" challenge! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit before/after photos, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge in the Workout section of the app!

*The challenge is included in the APP subscription.  You can sign up for Free for the 1st 7 days and then it will be $14.99/month.  With the app subscription, you get access too ALL of my app content including the challenge at no extra cost.


3. Tag me on instagram

Tag me on instagram @j_sthetics and use the hasthtag #buildingthehourglass so that I can see your engagement!

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